In keeping with the provisions of the Australian National Privacy Act, Streamline Creative is committed to the protection of the privacy of the personal information received from its clients, delegates and individuals during the ordinary course of business. Streamline Creative will only collect and hold personal information that is necessary to have in order to attend to your related business needs. This will include such information as your name, address and contact details. Usually, we will collect the personal information directly from you. However, sometimes we may collect the information from other parties.

Non-personal InformationĀ 
Non-personal information is collected behind the scenes by the Streamline Creative web server and is used to compile general website usage statistics or facilitate access to restricted website services. Such information includes:

  • IP address of computer
  • Browser-related information
  • Locations visited on the website
  • HTTP cookies
  • IP address

Further information about the National Privacy Principles can be obtained by visiting the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner’s web site atĀ